Housing Types in Singapore

Housing Types in Singapore

When you are relocating to somewhere new, the first thing in your mind is to find a comfortable living arrangement. Singapore boasts a wide range of housing types to satisfy your needs, but still you have to browse different segments of society to choose a friendly neighborhood and decide whether to buy or rent a house. To make sense of real estate market in Singapore, we have painstakingly scraped up the essentials and created a legibly all-inclusive overview of types of housing in Singapore.

Types of Housing in Singapore

Habitats in Singapore ranges from landed property to branded modern studio apartments to those exclusive homes away from the hustle and bustle of cities. Fundamentally, housing in Singapore falls into three general categories: public housing, private dwellings, and hybrid properties. Let’s find out the types of houses best suited for you from these diverse range of houses available in Singapore.

1.   HDB Flats

Since the early 70’s, the Singaporean Government has effectively regulated the property market and placed restrictions on foreigners looking to purchase property in the country. Basically, these restrictions helped Singaporeans to afford home in their country.

To that end, HDB flats were born! The Housing and Development Board (HDB) regulate and build these flats. The government heavily subsidizes these flats to keep them well within the reach of ordinary Singaporean citizens. Today, more than 80% of all Singaporean citizens live in HDB flats.  To be eligible for HDB property, you have to meet certain requirements. For instance, your household monthly income has to be between $6,000 and $12,000. The flats are sold on a 99-year lease agreement. Depending on different segments of societies, HDB flats come in various forms as follows:

Studio Apartment

Studio apartments are sold on a 30-year lease agreement. These apartments are small in size at 36-45 sqm and designed to accommodate elderly residents with modest income.

2-Room Flat

These cozy two-room HDB flats are designed to meet the basic needs of less affluent households. About 45 sqm in size, these two-room flats come with bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, storeroom and living room.

3-Room Flat

About 65 sqm in size, these three-room HDB flats are tailored for newbie parents. An improvement from the two-room flats, the three-room flats include extra bedroom, common bathroom, master bedroom with bathroom, kitchen, store room, and service yard.

4-Room Flat

Four-room HDB flats are basically the three-room flat with an extra bedroom. These flats are around 90 sqm, and they are ideal for young couples

5-Room Flat

With estimated living space covering around 110 sqm, the five-room flats comprise of an extra dining area and numerous other amenities. 

3Gen Flat:

Covering 115 sqm, the 3Gen or 3Generation flats are specifically tailored to accommodate multiple-generation of families. These flats are part of a new project, kicked off with 84 units built at Yishun.

Executive Flat

With an estimated 130 sqm of floor area, Executive flats are the biggest among HDB flats. Each unit comes with three bedrooms, en suite bathroom and additional space.


To meet the growing needs of people of higher income, the Design, Build and Sell and Scheme (DBSS) came into existence in 2005. DBSS flats is a combination of HDB flat and Executive Condominium.

2. Public Private Hybrid Properties

Public Private Hybrid property started off as subsidized government housing, then converted into private residence. Hybrid properties are designed for individuals who can afford better HDB but are hesitant to go for a private property.

Properties included in this tier are:

  • Housing and Urban Development Company (HUDC) Flats
  • Executive Condominiums (EC)

3. Private Residential Properties

Private residential properties are much more expensive than HDB flats. Owing to stable economic growth and arrival of affluent foreigners has led to the establishment of these posh properties. Private residence falls under a “freehold” status rather than under leasehold status.

Properties in this tier include:

a.     Landed Properties

● Shop
● Town Houses
● Cluster Houses
● Terrace Houses
● Detached Home
● Conservation Home
● Good Class Bungalow
● Semi-Detached Houses

b. Non-Landed

● Condominiums
● Apartments

In the quest for your new home in Singapore, it’s imperative that you familiarize yourself with housing types. Hence, this article introduced you to the diverse range of homes available in Singapore so that you can make an informed decision. Singapore might be a tiny island, but diverse types of abode prove that with proper planning, you will get what you need at your estimated budget.

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